Gratitude Journal June 2017 – Self-Development

June was a reflective month for me as I worked on a couple of self-development projects. As an introspective, introverted person, I have a tendency to spend a lot of time looking inwards and whilst that can be a good thing, it can also be unhelpful in certain ways. Instead of problem solving I end up worrying over issues, the mental equivalent of fiddling with something or jigging my leg.

This blog has served me well as a self-development tool. It acts for me as an external focus, sort of an ‘out of mind’ (!) experience if you like. In June I undertook two other self-development activities that are getting things out of my brain and into action.

The first was program of coaching (as in life) that I took my first steps in. The youngest family member starts school in September. My mother identity has been the biggest part of my life for the last 8 years (although not the only one), but I anticipate the balance will shift slightly. I just need to work out where that balance will be.

I am the perfect procrastinator, so working with someone as an accountability partner has been useful. It stops me going round in circles and has gotten me over a few stalling points. It also provides an alternative point of view, countering my uncertainty and self-doubt.

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The second project was following along with a daily journaling prompt from Kamsin at I signed up because I have never been able to establish a habit of keeping a journal, despite the odd dabbling here and there.

Putting my thoughts on paper is always a useful thing for me to do, and through following the prompts Kamsin gave I saw more precisely where the benefits come. Writing in a journal gives me insight, perspective and clarifies issues. Somehow on top of this I am able to make more decisions and be more motivated.

Coaching and journaling have slowed down my thoughts and haste to make progress (which always has the opposite effect). In previous years as I headed into July I end up feeling overwhelmed by the incoming summer holidays. This year feels a bit more settled and steady.

Both of these self-development activities encourage review and planning. In normal life, when it whistles along, these are the things that fall by the wayside. They provide a map for life and a map for each day.

Delving into my thoughts has shown me the positives in focusing on the process and not the end product. It’s one of those truisms of life that can easily be forgotten. Switching from a bigger picture to a smaller frame removes barriers and provides encouragement.

I am grateful for a month of reflection and self-development, which feeds my growth as a person, and helps me carry on one step at a time.

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