Gratitude Journal May 2017 – Choice

One, two, three, four, five (!!!) months done this year already. The first half of this year has had a bit of a drought on the writing front. It was a somewhat conscious choice, although not one that I thought would either last for so long or leave me with a bereft feeling of its absence.

Writing notebooks

The act of writing has proved a cathartic release of emotions for me over the last two years, as well as a way to connect with others. However my abilities to discuss issues face-to-face have thankfully meant the lack of literary output I haven’t fallen apart. I have just missed its calming, composing nature.

Writing my thoughts has also lead me on the path of discovering more about myself, in the process uncovering my distant fragmented dreams of being a writer. However it has also grounded me much more in the present and that keeps me from drifting off to other worlds. I have just missed the feeling of progression and achievement.

Analysing the original choice to put off writing, I realised it was no longer helping me. Having multiple demands on you provides a certain amount of pressure. There is a fine line between positive and negative pressures and whether it helps or hinders. When I made the decision I simply had too much pressure and writing was the easy target to give, but now other things have subsided.

I am grateful…

That in the past month I have made the choice to find more time, impetus and less distraction to allow me to write with flow and fluency once more. For having the (small amount of) discipline needed and giving myself the space to write regularly. For finding a balance of pressures in my daily living.

Two blog posts were published, here and here, and I have another one drafted, to publish soon I hope. And in addition to this I entered, rather on the spur of the moment, a little writing competition (my first ever) for which I wrote a piece of flash fiction. And I have been able to start bringing ideas together for future composition. These are small but significant steps for me.

Writing notebooks

Writing is my thing. Writing might not be your thing. It might be something else creative or it might be practical, or whatever. Just take time to prioritise it. Choose it. Don’t think it’s not important, or the easy variable in your life. Balance whatever it is that builds you up so that you do it enough. It can’t be an afterthought.

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