Gratitude Journal November

November was what you would call a tumultuous month, but it wasn’t all bad. And it was certainly one for some insight.


When you get difficult times, it feels important to be able to go back to basics to ground yourself – gratitude for the roof over my head, clothes on my body, food on the table, love in my family. All these things are so good and without them my life would be nothing.

november insight 2

There have also been some good points during the month; a bonfire party with friends, a family day out for my birthday, a lunch with ladies who write, and even managing to add 5000 words (or a quarter of the current total word count) to my novel/story/not quite sure what it is really. All these things were soul food.

november insight 1

But there have been external and internal events brought by November that I found hard. Can they have brought any good? The US election, and the general sense of turmoil that has wended its fingers of ectoplasmic doom throughout the year. And as a result of that discomfort from writing (or perhaps publishing) what I find to be difficult posts.


This all reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, something I learned about many moons ago in A-level psychology. I see the logic here at work in what I am feeling (not going into whether it is truly reflective a model for motivation here though). My basic physical and social needs are met, but I am still striving to reach my self-actualisation needs.

And I am grateful for that insight. That I am still trying to attain my purpose in life. But I know that I am working on this, I do not have my head in the sand. Difficult times bring the need to re-evaluate what is going on. There is potential for education, myself included, and change, new ideas emerging.

Back to reality

I know I want to continue to write my novel slash blah blah… I know I remain interested in the juxtaposition of mental health, happiness and parenting. I know I have other issues close to my heart that are static, but I want to start to impact on.

It is going to require a delicate balancing act and a lot of motivation to move forward with all of these. I will have to delve deep to realise them but I am the only person who can do it.

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  1. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Loving the ‘fingers of ectoplasmic doom’ description – very apt! Sounds like there’s been goodness amidst the mayhem of the month though. Well done on the 5000 words! Just keep on keeping on. I’m sure you’ll achieve those self-actualisation needs in the end – or is striving for them part of the fun/motivation of life? (I only vaguely remember the hierarchy of needs thing, so that’s probably not the point at all!). It was lovely to see you again the other week – definitely a November highlight! Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting. xx

  2. Well done for seeing the positive through so many challenges my lovely. I’ve been thinking a lot about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs too. I know I struggle the most when the soul food is at its scarcest xx

  3. So much of this resonates with me, as your writing so often does 🙂 Maslow’s hierarchy is a great template to look at that continued sense of unease even when on the face of it we have everything we ‘need’ – and I share your determination in overcoming the challenges to realise all those deeper goals. Well done on your 5000 words – I hope this month proves as fruitful (of course there might be a few distractions, it being December! Happy ones though…) xx

  4. I think that sometimes going back to basics is the best way to reset yourself. Sorry I am late commenting! #WhatImWriting

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