Gratitude Journal October

I simply can’t believe October is over. It rushed through and suddenly we are here in November! Somehow the autumnal season is the most observable seasonal change to me and I can definitely see that it is well and truly here now, although as the weather goes it really hasn’t been too bad.

It has been rather a busy month, as I explained when I mentioned stress joining the party. Mostly it’s been down to the building work that we have been having done. After a few problems that caused some stalling in the summer, I am grateful that things have finally progressed significantly.

Unfortunately we haven’t reached the finishing straight yet, more a halfway house. It is a two phase project to allow us to stay in our house while it goes on. And we are currently transitioning between the two phases… But after so long it is good that the building work is at last making an impact on our lives in a positive way.


And even though the chaos is still being created, I am grateful that the time and the decisions we took in planning this project are starting to be proven right. It’s always a little bit of a gamble when you do building work. What you hope and think will work is just theory until you get underway.

My husband had last week off for half-term and in between a couple of day trips we got right into the decorating. It was so nice to have some time with him just around the house. The girls loved it too. And I am finally able to get to choose some of the finishes. Paints and flooring rather than wall or light switch locations!

I realise, surprisingly to me, I haven’t actually taken that many photos of the project on my phone. Or put them on Instagram. I guess I’m not really that grateful for the disruption to our lives that this has caused. It was all supposed to be completed by Christmas, but I’m not sure that is going to be the case…

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  1. I feel your pain! And totally understand the excitement of the getting to choose paint colours stage 🙂 When we moved into our current house we embarked on a major renovation, whilst living there, which took about eighteen months! I never thought I’d see the end of the dust… It’ll be totally worth it though – and do get some pics if you can! It’s fascinating to look back and see how things have changed… Xx

  2. maddy@writingbubble says:

    I’m rubbish with even the most light of renovations – something about having other people in my space combined with the mess and everything being out of place really unsettles me, so I think you’re coping really well! I’d love to see some before and after pics – bet it will be so worth it! Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting xx

  3. We had some building work done when we first bought our house and at the time it was monumentally disruptive and yet it was so quickly forgotten when it was finished. I wish I’d taken more photos too because our house was a wreck. Choosing the paints and lighting is defo part of the best bit. #whatimwriting

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