The path

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very sad. Life had happened to her, she felt like she was missing doing the things that meant something to her, making the life that she wanted, and that she was rubbish at what she was doing. She felt it passed her by and she just couldn’t get to grips with it. She worried she might get swallowed up by the life around her.

Somehow there was one thing, a magic necklace, which kept her safe. The necklace spoke to her, tried to make her happy. It couldn’t do that, but it’s power was enough to stop her drowning in the river of life. When it rescued her she decided to try hard to make herself happy, to find joy. She tried to understand all the thoughts that made her unhappy and banish them from her life.

She slowly started to feel like the life she lived was her own. But not quite. One day she decided that she no longer wanted to follow what others thought she should do; wake up, do the day that had been chosen for her, sleep, repeat. She remembered that once she had been full of dreams and possibilities. Full of hope and energy.

And so she decided to carve her own path. And suddenly she found herself full of vitality and purpose, eager to work. Sometimes she struggled with the dark clouds that were ever hovering over her. So sometimes she distracted and numbed herself with pretty lights and gaudy music, but it also meant that sometime she lost the path a bit.

And though the path was interesting and varied, sometimes she struggled to feel like it was meant for her. She thought that sometimes others rode straight over her on her path, making it theirs and better. She thought that those around her would not see that hers was a true and important path and not bother to support her chosen path so she would follow someone else again.

When the sun rose in the mornings she would look for the path and check it was still there, read the map that she had drawn and see what direction it was taking her in that day. The days that she failed to do this, she was far more likely to get lost or led in the wrong direction. And at nightfall she would be thankful for where the path had taken her that day.

As time passed her path became truer and truer, it was part of her, melded to the soles of her feet, as if she was just gliding along within it. All the time the necklace remained around her neck as her talisman pulsing energy through her. She found people that she met along the way who said her path brought them light and hope, flowing from her path to them.

She realised she did not need to make her path stand out above all others, she just needed to know that it was there, solid and supporting. She saw that the path was not just one but several paths entwined together increasing the power of each of them. They did not need to fight but she needed to let the light reflect over each one a little every day, and not forget any of them.

Sometimes she wanted to race down the paths to reach the horizon, but she knew in her heart that the horizon would never arrive, just that it would reach away from her to another horizon. And she knew that it was right to be so and that her hurry would not change her destination, but only make it less of a pleasant journey.

And eventually she loved herself. She believed that her paths were valid and right. That they fit only her and no other, but it allowed her to show those around her that they could seek their own path and be true to themselves. And the girl realised she had transformed into a woman. And the magic necklace shone against her skin.

The End

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  1. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Alice, it really made me smile! I felt like I was going on a lovely journey with the girl. Hope your necklace is shining brightly too! xx #WhatImWriting

    1. Thanks Maddy, for something I bashed out on a Sunday evening it’s not bad! Glad you enjoyed it, we all need some brightness sometimes. Xx

  2. Gosh this is all a bit painfully familiar! A great analogy for the creative journey I think. I’m not *quite* there yet, but I can feel that happy resolution coming ever closer 🙂 xx

    1. I think this is part experience and part exhortation of what I want to happen; like you I’m not quite there but I can see it in the distance. Xx

  3. A great story which many people can put their own perspective on – including me. The talisman comes in many forms. I believe that mine was my daughter. And now, another journey begins for me. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought and commenting from What Im Writing too xx

    1. I’m glad it wasn’t just ‘my’ story, I think that is the golden secret to writing for others. Hope your new journey is smooth and trouble free. Xx

  4. I got goosebumps reading this Alice. But they were ones of happiness and perhaps even recognition… #whatimwriting

    1. Ooh, lovely! Glad it resonated. Thank you for reading x

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