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Exactly 6 months ago today I published my first ever blog post on The Filling Glass. Considering it is the time of year when we all get very reflective about what has passed, I thought I would review a little of what has happened in my life via my blogging experience.

When I first started writing I wondered just what would change in my life and how. It has been a truly inspirational experience so far. I have tackled difficult subjects within parenting, emotional stability and happiness, exploring my feelings about them. For me the act of writing has been deeply affecting, but the question is in what way?

Before starting this adventure in words, I spent lots of time thinking, but the nature of my mind was to dwell on things. I allowed myself to get caught up on the roundabout of my thoughts. Writing has freed me from this. It permits me to develop my emotional responses in a more linear sense, moving through them to a conclusion instead.

I have gained some valuable insights. It is hard to summarise them succinctly, and certainly if I tackled all of them here that would be information overload, so here are my top 10.

1. Support is collaborative. My connections with others help me deal with my emotions, solve my problems, and live a more fulfilling life.
2. As a parent I am key in teaching our children emotional health. The education system does not adequately provide this, and sometimes works against it.
3. Problems require attention but sometimes trying to solve it can cause it to worsen, so I should focus more on being aware.
4. Belongings can be overwhelming with their emotional attachments.
5. Fighting the negative dialogue involves listening to, acknowledging and counteracting those thoughts.
6. It’s ok to be good enough, but I have the capacity to become more than the sum of my parts.
7. I recognise the effects of stress on my thoughts and behaviour, I am not ruled by my emotions.
8. I know who and what I am.
9. I can be successful, however I define that. The only limits I have are those I place on myself.
10. Writing is my therapy.

The act of writing has allowed me to distil positivity out of my own thoughts, rather than rely on others to provide it. Only so much of that could seep into my mind. We are all individual and my positive thoughts, rather than anyone else’s, are best for me, a bit like a personalised medicine.

There have also been changes that have occurred outside the writing sphere, in the reality of my life. It has caused me to do much more reading (and collect an enormous reading list!), and seek out more creative opportunities, in writing and in art and crafts. I have reawakened my interests in issues such as the environment.

I listen to myself more than ever and accept things that I feel. I am reconciled to who I am, and I recognise where I feel uncomfortable. I have been releasing our home environment from clutter and the emotions around it, which in turn releases me to be the person I want to be.

I have stronger connections with some of those people I hold dear to me, others I am trying to work on. This year, instead of the usual Christmas letter I wrote personalised messages in many of the cards, and I have had more positive and personal connections in return.

It is clear to me that writing has changed me and my life. It has given rise to much more insight on my part about my character, allowed me clarity of thought, and created opportunities for different actions, however subtle they may seem they are making a big difference in how I feel.

These changes threading through my life, brought about by the gift of writing, have already contributed so much positivity and seem to be having impact in others too. Writing has changed the map of my life, altering the paths that I will tread from here on out.

I look forward to more exciting changes still to come, whatever they may be. I am currently formulating plans in my head for the next year…I need to get them down on paper/screen before they slip away! I am determined to follow my heart and my dreams.

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