Gratitude Journal #7

This week has been a bit hectic to say the least, with lots going on. I have found it harder to stop and be grateful for moments as they appear, and particularly take the photos. However the week hasn’t felt completely awful, which previously it might have done, which has to be a benefit of the gratitude journalling.

This week in particular I found the writing process for my weekly post tricky and that felt incredibly frustrating. I actually started the post before last weekend and got up early 3 or 4 mornings trying to mould my words and make the point of the post become clearer. And then my ‘blogging morning’ was still filled with fiddling, restructuring and rewriting.

For the first time since I started posting regularly, I felt like not publishing, because I wasn’t sure about what I was saying or the writing. When I write, I have an emotional cue which gives me a sense of what I want to write about and then I get my thoughts down and I look at finding the point that I actually want to make.

And normally it all becomes clear, but this week it seemed to remain maddeningly nebulous. But I published anyway and I have moved on. Sometimes I guess its just not going to work and at least one of the benefits of a publishing schedule is that it stops me getting caught up too much in something at times like this.

But I am grateful for the company of one of the cats while I was trying to get it right.

I am grateful company at crazy o'clock this morning when I was up writing. #gratitude #catsofinstagram
I am grateful for…cat company at crazy o’clock this morning when I was up writing. #gratitude #catsofinstagram
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  1. maddy@writingbubble says:

    I’m very impressed that you got up early to write! I’m always impressed when people do this as I have to be dragged out of bed every morning by a hectoring inner voice. I do stay up far too late to write sometimes though which I guess is the ‘owl’ version of the same thing (in a world where we’re all larks or owls, that is). I spend ages on blog posts – the words land reasonably quickly but then I spend ages picking them up and flinging them back down again in a slightly different order. I find it so difficult to just type the words and let them go although when I do it can be remarkably freeing. So, good on you for getting it published! What a lovely writing companion you have too. Thanks for linking to #whatImwriting

  2. I think that quest for perfection can be so restricting – it is for me anyway! There are days/weeks when I am almost paralysed by the need to make precisely the right decisions (whether it be about words to use or something else!), and I’m pretty sure what I end up with isn’t any better… I think you did the right thing by just hitting publish and letting it go. It’s a cliche, but we are own own harshest critics – sometimes telling ourselves to pipe down is no bad thing 🙂

    1. I am normally the worst for being paralysed by decision-making. I’m not sure what exactly came over me to push the publish button as I am a perfectionist too – I think I just got fed up with it though! Thanks for reading and commenting. X

  3. Well done for pressing publish. Sometimes when the words don’t come easily it is best just to keep pushing and they’ll come in the end. I’m like you and need an emotional trigger or it just feels empty. Your wee pal is so cute! Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts on here xx

  4. Well done for sticking with it through the drought – those emotional cues will come back, just don’t be too hard on yourself.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, to be fair it wasn’t so much a drought as just a snowstorm/whiteout so it just didn’t clarify itself as it normally does. My writing is behaving much better this week!

  5. Nicola Young says:

    Sometimes you have those moments when blogging comes easily and you have lots to say and then there are the times when you think it’s just writing for the sake of it. I like that you had the cat for company though. It reminds me of the budgie we had not so long ago, that used to sit on my shoulder whilst I was working (funny mental picture, I know!!).

    1. Not so much that I didn’t have things to say but just that I couldn’t get it to ‘sit right on the hanger’ as it were! The cat is generally good company, except when he wants to walk or lie on the keyboard!!! I like the budgie image – like a mini pirates parrot ;-). Thanks for reading x

  6. Ha, just re-read this and meant to say ‘wouldn’t be impressed’ – that’s what comes of replying to comments at nearly 11pm at night!!! Sorry Maddy if my first comment sounded pompous it wasn’t meant to :-/

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