Gratitude Journal #4

This week my gratitude has to be dedicated to my birthday. Not only was I spoiled by my family and friends but also it demonstrated something greater to me – the power of positivity.

I woke up on Friday morning to three excited girls who just wanted to be kind and generous to their Mummy, as well as a husband who was hopeful that he got the present buying right! Their faces spilled out so much love for me that my heart was filled with joy and happiness. Who could ask for a better present? And I did get some fabulous treats too, which I am never going to turn down!

And on top of this, throughout the day I received some kind and thoughtful presents from other family and friends too, who wanted to show me that I mean something in their lives. And cards that said lovely things too. The value of writing something genuinely meaningful to another person must never be underestimated.

I have not always been good at showing my appreciation of others or being truly generous either. When you are sucked under by negative thoughts and emotions those are the things that suffer – your connections with the outside world. I know that in my past I have been rather self-involved and lacking in empathy for others because I was trying so hard to deal with my demons.

As an introvert I am never going, and nor would I want, to have a large social ‘following’. But I do value honest interactions with others. Since the start of this journey to fill my glass, and more particularly the start of my blog, my awareness of others and the moulding of friendships has taken on a more vibrant hue, for which I am so thankful.

I believe that what you send out into the world will reflect back to you, so right now I must be giving out some good vibes, because I am certainly feeling that I am getting wonderful, and rewarding things coming my way.

I am grateful for...feeling so loved by my family and friends with their cards, presents and messages. #gratitude
I am grateful for…feeling so loved by my family and friends with their cards, presents and messages. #gratitude
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  1. Mummy Tries says:

    What a beautiful post Alice! Belated happy birthday lovely, so pleased it was fabulous. Your closing comment is one I hold close too, I’m a firm believer in getting back what you give. Have a great evening xx

    1. Thanks Renee! It is so true, it is becoming clearer to me by the day. The changes in my life are deliberate and mindful but not done for the purpose of seeking something in return, which I suppose is the magic of it. Xx

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